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The Orangery, Elie House, Elie, Scotland

The Orangery, Elie House, Elie, Scotland

Refurbishment Project
Arched Doors and Windows

It’s always a challenge to make sure that Arched Doors or Windows are measured and fit properly. With refurbishment projects we often go to site to measure to draw up a template that we then use in the factory to design and cut the frames.

On this occasion it helped that the Orangery in Elie was a new build as we are able to work off drawings.  However, the challenge was to provide 9 sets of arched doors, sidelights and other doors that would all come together to look like single doorsets on site. With the Orangery we were able to provide 9 sets of arched frames that were then joined together on site with 9 lower doorsets and other sidelights to make complete doorsets. We do like a challenge! The doors were all double glazed and factory finished before being delivered to site in 2012.

The orangery 2

the orangery 3