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Vauxhall Street, Vauxhall, London SW8

Vauxhall Street, Vauxhall, London SW8

Refurbishment Project
1300 Tilt and Slide Windows

We began this refurbishment project in 2010 and working with the contractor and residents completed the replacement of 1300 Tilt and Slide Windows in 2012. Vauxhall Street in South West London is a conservation area, meaning that we were required to match the existing style of window whilst providing a low u value, double glazed window replacement. We were also required to supply a window style that could be easily cleaned and complied with building regulations.

The Tilt and Slide window which we supplied is perfect for multi-storey buildings such as those in Vauxhall. They look like a Traditional Sliding Sash Window but operate using a spring balance rather than cords and weights. The windows open by sliding down and tilting inward, allowing for easy cleaning. The windows can also be restricted for safety. The ground floor windows were also independently tested to PAS 24 which means this window can be compliant with Part Q Building Regulations.

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