We believe in the beauty of wood, crafted and finished to the highest standards. Energy saving, low maintenance and friendly to the environment our doors and windows are made to last. That means unbeatable long-term value too.

We offer a fabulous range of 14 stylish windows and doors. Whether you’re a private homeowner looking for beauty and warmth or an architect specialising in conservation, we can tailor each product to meet your needs. You ask – we deliver!

Sustainable and friendlier to the environment than PVC. Wood can last up to three times as long with minimal maintenance. Beautiful, warm and wonderful value, why would you not choose wood!

Proud to support
30 Year Warranty against fungal or insect attack
10 Year Warranty on all factory double glazed units
10 Year Warranty on all fully finished opaque finishes
5 Year Warranty against production and material defect