Tilt and Turn Window

The Heron Joinery Tilt and Turn Window is an attractive, versatile continental-style window, enabling combined ventilation, security, ease of cleaning and ideal for windows above ground level or for other inaccessible locations.

Manufactured from a heavier frame and sash section, from certified sustainable European redwoods, also compliant with classification requirements of BS EN 942.

The Heron Joinery Tilt and Turn Window is suitable for use in new build housing projects and for replacement of existing plastic, steel, and aluminium windows, whilst remaining effective in meeting the needs of all mobility levels.

Features & Benefits
Individual window sections are treated with a double vac preservative which means windows can last up to 60 years.
Anti warp profile section design.
Fully weather sealed with materials specified by BS EN 12365-1.
Hardware and fixing corrosive compliance with BS EN 1670.
High specification tilt and turn multi point locking mechanism ensures highly effective security.
Operates two ways side hung open in vent or bottom hinged tilt in window.
Unique ‘Tilt before Turn’ mechanism available reducing the risk of window being fully opened accidentally.
Ventilation options available meeting Building Regulation Approval Document Part F and complying with BS EN 13141.
Internally or externally glazed, with an extensive range of decorative glazing options.
Declared conformance with Construction Product Regulations – Harmonized Standard BS EN 14351+A1 and CE marking.
Use of insulating glass units tested and certified for compliance with BS EN 1279 and BS EN 356.
Independent testing to PAS 24 which means this window can be compliant with Part Q Building Regulations.
Finished windows available in a range of high performance, durable stains or paint finishes to agreed individual customer specification.
Other timbers also available.