Why wood you use wood?

Wood has been identified by 67% of homeowners as the material they would like to have more of in their homes. Timber evokes feelings of warmth, comfort and relaxation leading to reduced stress and anxiety.

Heron Joinery meet certified quality, performance and sustainability standards such as TWAS, QMark  or Wood Window Alliance (WAA) Accreditation and evidence that the timber is legally sourced from sustainable forests. When you specify WWA timber, modified timber, or aluminium-clad windows and doors from Heron Joinery, you’ll know they meet WWA’s strict performance, quality and sustainability standards. We are backed by Service Life, Whole Life Cost LCA evidence and unbeatable warranties. So your clients won’t have any worries.

60 Years Life Span

They last twice as long as PVC-u (30 years vs 60 years as proven by Heriott Watt University in 2013.

Fully Factory Finished

They are fully factory finished; no costly decorators are needed on site after installation, saving you time and money.

Secured By Design

They are secure; fully compliant with Approved Document Q of the building regulations and with many members part of the Police approved Secured By Design product licensing scheme.

Low Maintenance

They are low maintenance and do not need repainting until between 7 and 10 years after installation.

Extensive Warranties

They come complete with extensive warranties to support homeowners after they have taken occupancy.

Low Environmental Impact

They have the lowest environmental impact of other window materials; all of our member windows are either FSC or PEFC certified and can be fully recycled at the end of their life.

The Wood Window Alliance (WWA) is an organisation that promotes and champions the beauty, efficiency and durability of wood window frames. We are made up of 40 members manufacturing many different kinds of doors and windows and all meet our demanding quality, performance and sustainability standards. All wood used by our members is certified as legally sourced from sustainably-managed forests and is the most environmentally friendly material you can buy.

It’s All About the Standards & Quality

Heron Joinery is backed by Service Life, Whole Life Cost and LCA evidence and unbeatable warranties so you or your clients won’t have any worries when choosing to buy from us as a Wood Window Alliance Member. Compliant with Approved Document Q. Many WWA members also have the prestigious Secured by Design accreditation.