St Clements Hospital

Tower Hamlets, London

St Clements Hospital was established in 1849 and was the former City Of London Infirmary. The hospital has been converted into private apartments and houses. The building is listed as being of special architectural or historic interest.

Working closely with English Heritage, Architects and Planners, we designed windows and doors that would reflect the historical importance of the building. All items had to comply with PAS24, Secure by Design requirements. This meant testing and certifying previously untested windows and door types. This was especially challenging when some windows were almost 3 metres high. In certain areas, windows were glazed using certified 42DB double glazing.

Having agreed the window specifications, we supplied and installed a pilot property to allow for sign off. We supplied shaped and square windows with ‘sunrise’ glass. All windows were finished as dual colour – with three coats of paint and a final fourth brush applied coat of paint in an attempt to reflect the traditional look of a painted window.

Conservation Refurb Project – supply and installation
Products used
  • Internally glazed using Heritage ‘slim’ double glazing
  • 42 DB Acoustic Glazed Sliding Sash. PAS 24, Secured By Design
  • Heritage ‘slim’ double glazing
  • Double Glazed. 42DB acoustic glazing. PAS 24 and Secured by Design
  • Single and Double Doors
  • Shaped and Standard, PAS 24 Secured By Design